Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hey ladies and gents

Hey everyone,
I hope you like my article on internet safety. Yeah, i dont blame you if you didnt like visit my site alot cuz there will be more and new post every week! love yea guys and gals...l8er

Internet Safety

Internet safety is very, very important. The important rule is never give out your name, first or last name. If you give out your name unpleasant people could come and find you. Also you never want to give out your address or where you live. The same thing could happen if you give out your name. Another tip on how to stay safe on the internet is never put your photo on the web. If you give out your picture on the internet stalkers or evil people can come and get you. Also never give out your social security number. Also you have to make sure you don’t give out your credit card numbers. Criminal may run up you bill so much you could loose your house. You could also loose your cars or your family. You probably shouldn’t go into chat rooms. The people who are in there could trick you into giving information about you. You also should put a lock or something on your computer so hackers can’t get into you accounts. If they can get into you accounts then they can get the information about you, like where you live, credit card numbers, and what your social security number is. So remember this before you let out personal information that you don't want people to know.